Sound Step Recharge  SFQ-02RB

The Most Versatile Compact Speaker in the World

Sound Step gives you more ways to listen to your audio than any other compact speaker. With its compact size, it fits well under computer monitors and TVs, on kitchen countertops, book shelves and night stands. With its rechargeable battery it's convenient to move Sound Step Recharge around the home and office and to even carry out to the patio to enjoy great audio outside.


The Ultimate iPad Companion Speaker

Sound Step Recharge gives you the option to dock and charge your iPad or keep your iPad in hand while you stream audio wirelessly- ideal when watching videos, playing games or multi-tasking with apps.

The dock features a removable spacer to accommodate most iPad cases and covers, so you won't need to remove your iPad from its case to dock it. An additional USB power jack in the back means, you can still keep your iPhone charged while your iPad is docked.

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Speaker Driver
Speaker Driver


Remarkable Audio for a
Compact Speaker

Soundfreaq delivers a crystal clear audio experience for music, movies, TV shows, videos, games, internet radio and apps. Sound Step Recharge features a 2.1 speaker configuration with a dedicated sub-woofer and Soundfreaq's proprietary UQ3™ spatial sound enhancement to deliver natural bass and stereo separation, unique for a compact speaker.


Rechargeable Battery

Enjoy +6 hours of AC-free listening with a built-in rechargeable battery and take Sound Step Recharge with you anywhere around the house.

Speaker Driver
Speaker Driver


Universal Charging

In addition to being able to charge an iPad, iPhone or iPod device on the dock, Sound Step Recharge features a USB power jack to charge any compatible USB device. Including an iPhone, iPod and most Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones and smartphones.

The USB power jack gives you versatility to charge your devices. You can charge your iPhone while your iPad is docked or keep your Bluetooth headset charged while your iPhone is docked. If Sound Step is paired with a Blackberry, Android, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, HP or LG device, you can keep it fully charged while still streaming audio.

More Ways to Play

Sound Step Recharge plays audio from four different sources offering the most flexible listening experience. It's easy to use with many different devices and share with family, friends or co-workers.

Soundfreaq Remote App
Bluetooth wireless

Bluetooth wireless works with any A2DP compatible device and wirelessly plays any audio that would otherwise play through the device's internal speaker or headphones.

Apple Dock

30-Pin Connector to play and charge all docking Apple iPhone and iPod devices including iPad and iPad2... even when they are in a case.

Aux Input

Standard 3.5mm line-in jack accepts input from any device that has a standard headphone jack so you can play Sound Step with virtually any audio source you want.

FM Radio

Listen to your local stations with the built-in FM tuner which is controlled through the complementary iOS app.*

* FM Radio available on SFQ-02RB North American models only, not on SFQ-02IRB International models

Download the Sound Step Manual
Get the up-to-date instruction manual for the SFQ-02 or SFQ-02RB.
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