Sound Rise  SFQ-05
Sound Platform


What makes Sound Rise shine? We designed it from the ground up to enhance the modern lifestyle: enjoy great audio while you stream movies from your tablet in bed or your new favorite song from your smart phone while you get ready to go out. Sound Rise features Bluetooth wireless, universal USB charging, an innovative backlit touch button interface and Soundfreaq audio quality, all within a footprint that leaves plenty of room on your night stand.

Fits Your Bedroom

The upright design of Sound Rise takes up minimal space leaving ample room on your night stand for glasses and books. Covered in soft fabric, Sound Rise features a unique 2.1 speaker configuration that projects sound out to fill your whole room with rich sound.

Wake Up Recharged

Sound Rise keeps all your mobile devices charged with both a dock for iPod, iPhone & iPad as well as USB power port and convenient stand for Android devices, mobile phones, tablets and Bluetooth headsets. Wake up with all of your mobile electronics recharged and ready for the day.

Wireless Entertainment

Use Bluetooth wireless to enjoy great sound without docking, wires, or headphones. Get your day going streaming music conveniently from your smartphone while keeping it close at hand. Relax in bed with your tablet or laptop and enjoy great sound for movies, video, games and apps.

Smart Alarm Clock

Sound Rise features a simple and intuitive interface with easy-to-see backlit touch buttons and adjustable screen brightness. Wake up gently with gradually increasing volume with your music, radio, or alarm chime. Simplify your mornings with dual alarms with weekday or weekend settings.