Pocket Kick

You're carrying a world of music in your phone and it's just waiting to be played. We designed Pocket Kick for music lovers like you who want to enjoy and share all the music that’s in the palm of your hand. Pocket Kick is ultra-portable and can slip into your pocket, bag, or purse and with a 10-hour rechargeable battery, you can play your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

Soundfreaq’s engineers wanted, and achieved, greatness -iLounge
Pocket Kick...designed to bring the company's distinctive black metal and plastic aesthetic into a unit you can carry anywhere. -iLounge
Soundfreaq designed its portable sound sandwich to be something people would want to take with them virtually everywhere, essentially changing their lives by bringing even more music into it. -Digital Trends
It takes a lot for a Bluetooth speaker to get our attention these days, but Soundfreaq’s Pocket Kick did the trick. -Digital Trends

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