Sound Stack  SFQ-03
Sound Platform


Audiophile Acoustics

Authentic, Accurate Sound

Meticulously crafted to capture every note from deep lows to ringing highs with even the most nuanced detail. Our acoustics complement every genre of music at any volume while maintaining clarity and fidelity for the discerning ear.


SFQ-03 Drivers


Low Frequency Power & Detail

Features a unique 2.2 speaker configuration that pairs two full-range drivers with two active sub-woofers in a push-pull configuration that won't miss a slap or a kick in the most driving basslines.


Sound Stack Internal Icon

Wireless For All

Keep Your Device In Hand

Stream audio wirelessly from up to 33' to enjoy music, movies, TV shows, videos, games and apps from your smartphone, tablet or PC including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry devices and Windows and Mac PCs.


Smart Features for Smart Devices

Apple Friendly

  • Supports both Lightning and 30-Pin iOS devices with adapter included
  • Dock and charge iPod, iPhone & iPad, even if in a case
  • Stream wirelessly from iPad, iPhone & iPod touch
  • Charge an additional iOS device with USB power port
  • Soundfreaq Remote App for iOS offers full remote and FM Radio control*

Android Friendly

  • Stream wirelessly with stereo Bluetooth from any app
  • Charge Android phones and Bluetooth headsets with universal USB power port
  • Soundfreaq Remote App for Android offers full remote and FM Radio control*


SFQ-03 Smart Features

* FM Radio available on SFQ-03 North American models only, not on SFQ-03I International models