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Sound Kick 2

Our first-ever, water-resistant wireless speaker, Sound Kick 2, ups the…

Our first-ever, water-resistant wireless speaker, Sound Kick 2, ups the ante on the award-winning performance of our highly praised Sound Kick. Sound Kick 2 pumps out powerful, full sound and is built with a passive radiator for enhanced bass. Its compact design and rounded-edges make it more travel friendly, so you can easily toss it in your backpack or carry-on. Sound Kick 2’s water-resistant housing and built-in 8-hour rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy your music all day, everyday, whether you’re at home or on the go.

The Travel Speaker You’ll Want to Use Everyday

We created the “home away from home” speaker that you will pack up, take with you, and setup on your desk at work, in your hotel room, or at your friend’s house. With only 26 x 10 x 4 cm it will easily fit in any back-pack or suitcase.


We applied a new treatment that allowed for an IPX4 rating of water resistance that didn’t compromise sound quality. The result is a speaker that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality or responsiveness to withstand water. Granted, we don’t recommend taking Sound Kick 2 scuba diving, but a steamy shower or some rain won’t stop the music in the short or long term, so feel good about including it in your outdoor travels. Even if they’re only to the pool, or a backyard with automatic sprinklers.