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Android Police about Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

“A solid pocket-sized speaker that destroys the competition”

Men’s Journal about Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

“The best-sounding speaker you can fit in your pocket”

WIRED about Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

“Awesome sound for something slightly bigger than your laptop’s power brick”

TechCrunch about Soundfreaq Sound Rise

“Sound Rise is cool, easy-to-use, and sounds great!” about Soundfreaq Sound Rise

“You’d be hard-pressed to find another Bluetooth alarm clock that looks as nice as this one and offers similar functionality” about Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

“It’s hard to expect miracles from such a small package, but Soundfreaq has pushed the boundaries of how impressive a compact pocket speaker can sound.”

Digital Trends about Soundfreaq Sound Rise

“Each morning, we found ourselves listening a little longer, smiling a little more, and spending a little more of our routine in the bedroom than usual. And it seems to us, that’s exactly what the Sound Rise is designed to do.”

PopSugar about Soundfreaq Sound Rise

“It was love at first listen.”