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Design and Customization

The one thing we didn’t change for our hotel version of our products is its look. The same clean lines and elegant simplicity that have made Soundfreaq products a modern classic in the home and also make it look right at home in a hotel room, too.

Features for the Hotel

In order to integrate Soundfreaq as seamlessly as possible, we made some changes. On all our alarm clocks we have non-recurring alarm meaning hotels don’t have to worry about alarms in empty rooms. And a lower maximum volume means that neighboring rooms won’t be bothered by sound bleed. And an optional security tether means that no speaker or alarm clock is going anywhere no matter how much the guest wants to take it home.

Soundfreaq, sound crafted by Music lovers

We don’t just make speakers, we free the music form your phone and bring it into your life.

We have been called dreamers. We were told that we care too much about sound quality and that people wouldn’t really hear the difference. That we were waisting our time obsessing over the little details. That our team was too small, that we weren’t big enough to compete, that we don’t charge enough and that we wouldn’t survive in the business.

Maybe we were too busy listening to Music to listen to conventional wisdom, but five years later our little team of Freaqs is still rocking on and proudly presents to you our line of happy-making, song-streaming speakers. For you to fill your life with Music.

Sound crafted by music lovers.


Product Features

Learn more about some of the fantastic features soundfreaq products have to offer.

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